Gaffe prone Joe: US President calls female Mayor 'Mister' as he stumbles through speech

The 46th President arrived for his televised appearance in the Prairie State to call on private employers to introduce vaccine mandates. But throughout his speech, the former Delaware Senator stumbled his lines and even appeared to misgender Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Joe Biden, 78, said of Ms Lightfoot: “Mr Mayor, thanks for the passport into town.

“I tell you, every time I come to the Greater Chicago Area, there’s somebody I want to steal and bring back to Washington.

“I’ve done it a couple of times.”

It has since been suggested the President could have been referring to Elk Grove Village Mayor Craig Johnson.

But bumbling Biden was not done there.

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He stumbled over his words again when he was trying to refer to the President of Illinois’ State Senate Don Harmon.

Blundering Biden said: “And the Ohio Pennsylvania, the Ohio Pennsylvania, I’m from Pennsylvania, the Illinois President.”

Later on, Mr Biden confused a television for a telephone when he told viewers about a conversation he had with a hospital worker.

“Last night I was on the television, on television, I was on the telephone with a person at an emergency hospital ward,” he recalled.

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During his trip to Elk Grove Village in Illinois, the President called for private employers to introduce vaccine mandates.

“Without them, we face endless months of chaos in our hospitals, damage to our economy and anxiety in our schools and empty restaurants and much less commerce,” he said.

Biden added: “I know that vaccination requirements are tough medicine, unpopular for some, politics for others, but they’re life-saving, they’re game-changing for our country.”

According to the White House, more than 3,500 American organisations have introduced some form of jab requirement.

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This includes one-in-four businesses and four-in-ten hospitals.

However, Mr Biden made his visit to Illinois, a state he carried in 2020 by 1,025,024-votes, at a time when his public approval rating had nose-dived.

Rasmussen’s most recent poll suggested Biden’s approval rating currently stands at -12 percent.

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