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GB News: BBC blasted for ‘completely unforgivable’ scrapping of free elderly TV licences

NewsGB News: BBC blasted for ‘completely unforgivable’ scrapping of free elderly TV licences

Speaking to GB News host Dan Wootton the panto legend said it was a “great sadness” that elderly Britons who had “given so much” had to pay for a TV licence. Mr Wootton, a frequent critic of the corporation, said there were “some folk” who fought in the Second World War who had to choose between “turning off” the television or paying for food.

Addressing Mr Biggins the Kiwi broadcaster also argued that the BBC had “lost touch” with the very people who “matter”.

He said: “There are some folk who fought for us in World War Two who are now for example forced to either turning off the television that provides them company or pay for food.

“The BBC has allowed this to happen, Christopher.

“It makes me feel that the BBC has lost touch with the very people who matter, Christopher.”

Mr Biggins agreed and argued that he “didn’t care” if an old aged pensioner had £150 million pounds as it was “something we give back”.

He said: “Absolutely and also Dan there is one of the most important audiences for the BBC.

“I was today at a Buckingham Palace garden party. They were all there, Army, Navy, all the services were there having a wonderful time and there were lots of celebrities there from television and they wanted to have their picture taken.

“That is the audience that they are.

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He said: “I don’t envy the BBC because they get attacked, whatever they do they get attacked.

“They get attacked by the left for being right, they get attacked by the right for being left.

“They get attacked for having too much youth, they get attacked for taking the BBC off terrestrial.

“I do think they have an almost impossible challenge in what they address.
“Clearly if it’s as it sounds £50 million on a piece of research, that sounds unbelievable.

“And clearly going round arresting old age pensioners for not paying the licence fee is completely unforgivable.”

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