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GB News: Dan Wootton brands 'authoritarian' Nicola Sturgeon as a 'power mad Covid queen'

NewsGB News: Dan Wootton brands 'authoritarian' Nicola Sturgeon as a 'power mad Covid queen'

Mr Wotton argued these powers were emergency ones that didn’t need to be extended and blasted Ms Sturgeon as a “power-mad Covid queen”.

He said: “If you need proof that governments never want to give up temporary powers they don’t need, take a look at the increasingly authoritarian government of the SNP in scheming Sturgeon’s Scotland.

“The power-mad Covid queen is intending to enshrine their temporary powers to lockdown and introduce restrictions on Scots civil liberties whenever the hell they want via the coronavirus recovery and reform bill.

“Sturgeon could force schools to shut, reintroduce economy destroying work from home orders, release prisoners early or close down the hospitality industry at a moments notice.

“Without putting any of those things to a vote in Parliament.”

Mr Wotton read from a statement from Deputy First Minister John Swinney justifying the retention of these powers.

Mr Swinney said “our priorities are to lead Scotland safely through and out of the covid pandemic” while also addressing “inequalities” made worse by the pandemic.

The Deputy First Minister also emphasised that progress needed to be made towards a “wellbeing economy” with “person-centred” public services aims supported by the bill. 

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