GB News' Dan Wootton rages at 'ridiculous' BBC for blaming HGV driver shortage on Brexit

GB News host Dan Wootton has blasted the BBC and other “left-wing broadcasters” for blaming the current lorry driver shortage in the UK on Brexit. Mr Wootton argued that similar HGV driver recruitment problems have been seen across Europe and as far as China, suggesting the crisis was a global one. He argued that that the current driver and fuel shortage was a “self-fulfilling prophecy” that had been promoted by “nasty Remoaners”.

Mr Wooton told GB News: “The HGV driver shortage has affected countries throughout the world.

“Did you know that?

“Probably not if you’ve been watching the BBC.

“Or any other left-wing broadcaster these past few days desperate to pin this whole mess unfairly on Brexit.

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“That’s simply not backed up by the facts on the ground.”

He continued: “The International Road Transport Union reports 400,000 drivers are needed across Europe, including 40,000 in Germany alone, 43,000 in France, and 15,000 in Italy.

“In the US there’s a requirement for 63,000 extra drivers, while China needs four million more.

“As ex-Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith – who once trained as an HGV driver, by the way, told the Mail on Sunday, ‘the BBC insists on making this about Brexit and pretending that this is a problem confined to the UK.

“This is a Covid issue affecting not just the whole of Europe but the world. 

“Because they will, quite simply, never move on from the fact they lost, badly.

“Never one to miss an opportunity, some education unions have failed to dampen down suggestions that schools could be forced to return to home learning if teachers are unable to drive to school.”

“That’s ridiculous,” added Mr Wooton.

“We all need to take a deep breath, and not make a bad situation even worse.”

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