GB News' Mark Dolan in blistering swipe at China&Russia over Cop26 snub 'Can cop off!'

GB News host Mark Dolan has slammed China and Russia for polluting the planet as Cop26 approaches, saying “if Cop 26 isn’t a collective global effort they can cop right off”. The blistering rant came after reports suggested Xi Jinping is not likely to attend the climate summit at the end of this month. Other countries, including Russia and Brazil, are also expected not to send any representative to Glasgow.

Mr Dolan said: “Look, I am all for saving the planet. 

“But it’s pretty clear that we are chucking mountains of plastic into the sea. 

“Air quality needs to be improved and we have a moral obligation to preserve the remarkable ecosystem that we’ve inherited, and we must avoid handing future generations a wrecked planet.

“No one wants that.”

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He went on: “But action on the environment is not a matter exclusive to individual nation-states. 

“The environmental challenges that we face, which by the way, are open to healthy scientific debate cannot and will not be tackled by countries acting in isolation.

“Investing huge amounts of money impacting both their economy and their people’s way of life, not when others refuse to pull their weight.

“Acting in isolation is like taking a hygiene shower before getting into a public swimming pool, only to find that others in the pool are happily relieving themselves in the water.”

He continued: “The Queen is not one to intervene in politics, but she was overheard last week bemoaning the fact that there’s a lot of talk about environmental issues, but very little action, absolutely right.

“This was clearly a dig at countries like China who continue to pollute on an epic scale, and his president can’t even be bothered to turn up to the cop 26 Environmental Summit.

“I wonder whether Boris’ overnight conversion to the climate change cause is born out of pressure from his other half carry the real Deputy Prime Minister.

“Or is it another example of a Boris Johnson vanity projects like his dream of a tunnel between Scotland and Northern Ireland, or the ill-fated garden bridge that cost taxpayers millions, that never happened?”


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