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GB News: Matt Hancock admits UK pandemic plans were flawed – ‘Fog of uncertainty’

NewsGB News: Matt Hancock admits UK pandemic plans were flawed - ‘Fog of uncertainty’

He said: “So, any Government must make decisions that weigh up the benefits of the measures they introduce against the harms they cause, you would agree with that?”

Mr Hancock said he agreed “100 percent” as Mr Wootton continued by arguing that the previous pandemic strategy would allow the public to continue with their “normal” lives.

He said: “Previously the UK had an influenza pandemic preparedness strategy dated in 2011. It was intended to be used for coronaviruses as well.

“And that intended that the public would be able to continue their normal lives without border closures, without the end of mass gatherings, without work from home orders, without school closures.”

In response, Mr Hancock admitted that those plans were prepared for a “different disease” flu rather than a coronavirus as well as discussing the difficult decision to impose lockdowns.

He said: “Those plans were written for a different disease. They were written based on influenza and the preparation had been done based on a pandemic flu.

“So the plans that we had, preparation was done on pandemic flu.

“That’s what the exercises had been done on and obviously at the time we had to make decisions according to the situation we found it. 

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“And the cost of inaction and we could see the costs of inaction were going to be enormous.”

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