GB News' Wootton highlights inconsistency in Meghan & Harry's royal exit 'Why not stay?'

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have come under fire from GB News host Dan Wootton for their recent appearances in New York. The couple have embarked on a three-day post royal excursion, where they have conducted a number of engagements, including visiting a primary school in Harlem and attending a photocall at One World Trade Centre. Dan Wootton  questioned why the Sussexes did not remain in the Royal Family if they wished to be “treated like royals”. 

Speaking to royal expert Robert Jobson on GB News, Mr Wootton said: “They’re acting as if this was a royal tour, but they’re not royal.

“They’ve wanted to go to the US to live a normal life as private citizens.

“I just don’t understand this, if they wanted to do tours internationally and be treated like royals, then why did they not stay in the Royal Family?”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived in New York on Wednesday, and have spent the last three days undertaking a number of official engagements, similar to those carried out by working members of the Royal Family. 

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Prince Harry and Meghan began their tour with a visit to the One World Trade Centre on Thursday morning, where they were joined by Bill de Blasio, the New York City Mayor, and Kathy Hochul, the New York State Governor.

Dozens of security guards and NYPD officers with sniffer dogs accompanied the couple, with members of the press invited for the photocall. 

One World Trade Centre was built on the site of the original Twin Towers, which were destroyed after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. 

Meghan and Harry’s visit to the site comes two weeks after New York commemorated the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. 

In a statement released afterwards, the Sussexes said: “In this room, we had a number of the foremost leaders on public health, pandemic preparedness, scientific progress, and community building. Today’s meeting was a much-appreciated opportunity to learn from some of the most respected experts who are working tirelessly to end this pandemic.

“Building on ongoing conversations we’ve had with global leaders over the past 18 months, today further reinforced our commitment to vaccine equity.”

On Friday, the couple joined primary school children at PS 123, Mahalia Jackson, in Harlem, where Meghan recited her children’s book, The Bench. 

The event was designed to promote literacy amongst economically disadvantaged children. 

Prince Harry and Meghan are also due to take part in the Global Citizen Live, an event organised to encourage world leaders to develop a vaccine equity policy to help end the Covid-19 pandemic.

Their New York visit marks the couple’s first official outing since leaving the Royal Family in 2020. 

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