‘Get over yourself!’ GB News’ Mark Dolan slammed in fiery Tilly Ramsay and Steve Allen row

“No man has a right to describe what they think about a woman or what the ideal woman is Mark.

“That’s not woke, that’s pure common sense and that’s pure decency. He’s an old man talking about a 19-year-old, get over yourself,” he fumed.

However, many GB News viewers on Twitter disagreed with Jon and instead defended the comments Steve made about Tilly.

This tweet leaves a funny taste in my mouth, can you find a positive one? if not on the gb news thread just search for tilly on twitter. @PolitiCox1958 wrote: “We aren’t telling her what she ‘should’ look like, just what she ‘does’ look like.”

“They’re not remarks I would make but Steve Allen has always made comments like this – and he makes them about men and women. Nothing to do with patriarchy or anti-women sentiment or whatever these people – sadly some of them conservative – were claiming,” @James46888 said.

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