Gibraltar power grab begins! Spain fury as Rock seeks to expand control over Mediterranean

The developments, on land reclaimed from the sea, include one hundred flats and a marina. Gibraltar is continuing its expansion in the eastern part of the Rock which is angering Spain. Spain claims sovereignty over the land reclamation areas that Gibraltar has constructed.

The Government of Gibraltar has announced that it is determined to continue with its urban expansion on the eastern side of the Rock.

At present, six tower blocks of more than 600 homes are already under construction in the land reclaimed from the sea.

Meanwhile, post-Brexit negotiations between the EU, Spain and the UK over Gibraltar.

The Spanish government has in the past commented on the works being carried out on the land reclaimed by Gibraltar.

Spanish political party Vox has denounced the manoeuvre of the Gibraltarian government.

It has also condemned the “inaction” of the Spanish government towards the issue.

At a press conference, Jorge Buxadé, MEP and spokesman for the Vox Political Action Committee, described as “scandalous” the continued land reclamation projects by Gibraltar.

Mr Buxadé said “there is no dispute” about the fact that Gibraltar is “openly breaching” the conditions of the Treaty of Utrecht.

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At a press conference in July general secretary of the Vox parliamentary group Macarena Olona said her party would try to “suffocate” Gibraltar if elected.

Mr Olona added: “I come to say this loud and clear, Gibraltar is Spanish.”

Additional reporting from Maria Ortega

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