Gino D'Acampo says he 'couldn't care less' if wife Jessica had dinner with an ex-boyfriend

Celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo has claimed that he “couldn’t care less” if his wife of almost 20 years were to have dinner with an ex-boyfriend. The Family Fortunes host, 45, made the revelation in an unearthed interview after insisting that his wife, Jessica Stellina Morrison, “loves” that he works with over 700 women across his restaurant empire.

Speaking about his long-lasting marriage to his half-Italian, half-British wife, Gino got candid about their relationship.

He said last year: “I employ more than 700 women in my restaurants.

“In TV, I’m surrounded by women. I love it.”

The Italian chef also went on to reveal Jessica’s attitudes towards the women he works with.

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“Women are more interesting than men, but my wife loves it too.

“She doesn’t get jealous,” he insisted.

Gino said: “She understands that if you want to be unfaithful, you’ll do it anyway. It’s a matter of trust.”

The star explained that he also wouldn’t be bothered if she were to have dinner with an ex-lover, insisting that he just wants her to be happy.

However, Gino and Jessica went on to split for a year before eventually getting back together and tying the knot.

Following their reunion, they relocated to the UK.

In 2002, the couple got married when Gino was 24.

Together, they went on to have three children, Luciano, Rocco, and daughter Mia.

Last month, the This Morning star sparked a frenzy on social media when he shared a snap of himself preparing Jessica for an “italian massage”.

Lying on a massage table, Jessica grinned as her husband drizzled extra virgin olive oil over her back ahead of her receiving a relaxing rub down from her beau.

The second snap showed the star getting hands on, as he massaged his wife’s neck in a peaceful-looking garden.

Family Fortunes is on Sunday at 7pm on ITV.

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