GMB backlash as Richard Madeley asks spiked teen 'were you taking precautions?'

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 65, was speaking to a woman who was spiked during a night out, along with her mother. While the victim was explaining to ITV viewers how she doesn’t remember what had happened, Richard Madeley challenged her as to whether she had made an effort to keep her drink safe as she was “aware” of the risk. Viewers were quick to take to social media to criticise his line of questioning, with many claiming he was “victim-blaming”.

Posting on Twitter, La P’tite Patisserie wrote: “@GMB the responsibility should not be on young women to cover their drinks #richardmadeley and this victim-blaming view should not be promoted by news presenters who have such a large platform. Do better. #GMB.”

Sonja Pinnell echoed this argument. They penned: “That’s right Richard, let’s question the girl if she was careful enough! #gmb.”

“Why is Richard questioning if this poor girl that got spiked was careful enough? Victim blaming yet again #GMB,” Caitlin Straughan commented.

More to follow…

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