'Go to A&E!' GB news Dan Wootton rages at GPs refusing to return to face-to-face care

GB news presenter Dan Wootton and journalist Dawn Neesom raged at General Practice services in the UK, saying that “elderly people are dying” because of GPs refusing to accept face-to-face visits due to the coronavirus pandemic. The rants came as Prime Minster Boris Johnson pledged his support for GPs to see all patients face to face.

Speaking on GB news to Dawn Neesom, Dan Wootton went on a rant: “I’ve tried myself! 

“I couldn’t even get a phone call from my GP for over a week, then I got a four-hour block.

“Then I was given a whole load of instructions before they would even consider having me into their surgery.

“So what did I do, I gave up.”

He then asked: “And how many folks are giving up?” 

Ms Neesom answered: “Too many people are giving up full stop, especially older people.

“A friend of mine who couldn’t get into our GP surgery, again, it’s not quite got hazard warning tape on the door now but it’s not far off.

“She was literally told ‘if your problems are that bad, go to A&E’.”


She continued: “What are we doing to the A&E departments, and why aren’t GPs open?

“I do not understand it. 

“I’ve been banging this drum now for the whole 18 months. It’s been going on/ 

“There is no excuse now for GPs still not to be seeing people face to face, and people are dying because of it.”


A Downing Street statement said: “The public rightly may choose to want to see their GP face to face – and GP practices should be making that facility available to their patients.

“The NHS has been clear to every GP practice that they must provide face-to-face appointments, and we fully support that.”

The statement added: “GPs throughout the pandemic have worked hard to see patients and appointment numbers have returned to pre-pandemic levels. 

“It’s right that the public expect to be able to see their GP in person, if needed.”

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