'God help me' Paul Merson in tears as he opens up on 'scary' addiction which lost him £7m

“That’s spoken right from a broken heart Paul, isn’t it?” Susanna asked. “But you’ve got back.”

Paul’s voice broke as he struggled to hold back tears: “Yeah I have got back it’s just sad.

“In lockdown it was scary, my brain was telling me I’d saved enough money to get a deposit for a house to get us out of rented accommodation.

“But watching the news all the time as an addict I have to keep on watching something and the news was blowing my mind.

“People understand addiction talks to you, ‘We’re not getting out of this, you’re not getting out of this, we’re going to be in lockdown forever, this is it and I need to get a house and the only way to do that is to chase my money.’”

More to follow…

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