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‘Going to have do a bit of work’ Simon Calder warns British tourists for summer holidays

Travel‘Going to have do a bit of work’ Simon Calder warns British tourists for summer holidays

Simon spoke to Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary on ITV’s This Morning. He shared some of his tips for summer holidays.

Simon said: “You’re going to have to do a bit of work. So the UK no longer has any restrictions, coming back here you’re all welcome, no jabs, no tests, no certificates.

“Everywhere else you have to assume that they’ve got rules.

Most places in Europe, France, Spain, Portugal and so on, if you’re fully vaccinated, then you’re generally welcome but you’re probably going to have to fill out a pesky form.

“Now fully vaccinated doesn’t quite mean you’ve had both your jabs.

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“If you’ve had your last jab more than 270 days ago, that’s nine months, then you’re going to have to have a booster.

“The booster doesn’t have a time limit for almost everywhere so if you’ve got your booster, you’re absolutely fine. Otherwise, it’s a little bit tricky.”

It can be tricky to find out which restrictions each country has in place as the information changes so quickly.

Simon said: “I type in Foreign Office and the name of the country. That brings up the information.


“The Foreign Office does its best to get the information right but things are changing all the time.”

He said that if Britons do go to a proper travel agent, they’ll get expert advice on their destination’s Covid rules.

When it comes to holiday deals Simon said: “If you don’t have to travel when everyone else is, then you’ll find some fantastic deals.

“At the start of May, you’ll be able to find a Greek island getaway for £22. You’re not going to be able to find anything like that in peak season.

“But if you are stuck and need to travel during the school holidays, often the cheapest thing to do is just pile everybody in the car and drive across to Ireland, northern France or Belgium and find yourself a campsite.”

He added: “If you go midweek that tends to be cheaper, because there’s extra demand at the weekend.

“People very often want to take a week at a time in terms of holiday. Going on Tuesday or Wednesday tend to be the lowest demand times.”

Travelling midweek could save Britons money or opting for a camping holiday in a nearby country.

Simon shared some of his best deals for package holidays for British tourists looking for a holiday this summer.

He shared a Jet2 package holiday for a family of four in Halkidiki in Greece for just £375 a person.

The package included flights, transfers, a bag on the flight and accommodation for a week’s holiday.

Greece is also set to lift its remaining travelling restrictions on May 1, making it much easier for British travellers although masks will remain in place until at least June.

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