'Going to miss him' Susanna Reid bids farewell as co-star replaced on BBC show

She posed in a photo with Andrew from her time on the show earlier today.

The star had been invited to the show to discuss today’s papers.

Alongside this, she penned: “So good to join Andrew Marr on his agenda-setting show this morning as he will soon reach the end of a 16 year run.

“I spent years reading the news on his show, and stood in for him a couple of times, once when he was interviewing the Prime Minister at No 10 and didn’t get back to the studio in time!”

Andrew then added: “I think British politics and public life are going to go through an even more turbulent decade, and as I’ve said, I am keen to get my own voice back.

“I have been doing the Andrew Marr show every Sunday morning for 16 years now and that is probably more than enough time for anybody!”

Susanna also shared her thoughts on his exit from the show when he announced this as well.

After it was announced, she wrote: “Congratulations on the new role but this is a huge blow for the BBC and for those of us who rely on The Andrew Marr Show to set us up for the week ahead.

“Wishing the very best, to the best.”

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