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'Going to wreck people's lives' Livid commuter hits out at rail union chief over strike

News'Going to wreck people's lives' Livid commuter hits out at rail union chief over strike

Commuter Luca Barbarossa called the threat to strike “absolutely disgusting” after explaining how valuable the service was to those like himself, who reside in rural areas of the country. Rail union RMT has published a press release that discusses their reason for a strike, calling the event a “ballot” and airing criticisms over mass pay freezes and job losses for their employees. Mr Barbarossa discussed how difficult it was to commute to London as the trip takes two hours. The Rural commuter also claimed that a letter sent to his local MP which addressed his grievances on that matter had been completely ignored.

Mr Barbarossa added: “Loads of people have written to our local MP and no response, whatsoever.

“So yeah, I think it’s absolutely disgusting that they want to strike, and you know when are they going to put the train service back to every hour of the day.”

Citizens and MPs have been coming out to publically slam RMT for their threats of a strike.

Tory MP for North West Leicestershire, Andrew Bridgen said: “Just two years ago the rail network was on its knees due to a worldwide pandemic.

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“We have changed the way we live our lives. It’s taking time for the public to start trusting the railways once more. The last thing we need is the RMT taking industrial action. People will only use rail travel if it is dependable.

“Well-paid staff taking strike action will do nothing to enhance the public’s trust.”

The rail union has defended their position, RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: “Railway workers have had to contend with pay freezes, the prospect of losing their jobs and repeated attacks on their terms and conditions.

Mr Lynch added: “Removing 2,500 safety-critical jobs from Network Rail will spell disaster for the public, make accidents more likely and will increase the possibility of trains flying off the tracks.

“Train Operating Companies have praised our members for being key workers during the pandemic but have refused to keep staff pay in line with inflation and soaring living costs.

“As a result, thousands of railway workers have seen their living standards plummet and have run out of patience.

“The way for trade unions to effectively take on the cost-of-living crisis is to stand up for their members at work and take industrial action when employers are not moved by the force of reasoned argument.

“A national rail strike will bring the country to a standstill, but our member’s livelihoods and passenger safety are our priorities.”

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