Golden retriever’s incredible manners leave dog-owning TikTok viewers baffled

This golden retriever’s amazing manners have received a lot of praise, after a viral TikTok clip showed off his patience. The video, which was posted by TikTok user @tell_your_dog_i_said_hii, was a big hit on the app, with over 119,000 views and almost 25,000 likes. In the clip, viewers are shown the extent of this dog’s training, with him being so well behaved that he even avoids dropping water on the floor when drinking. 

He has a very detailed plan of action when it comes to gulping water from his bowl, and his patience in executing this strategy is very impressive.

The clever pup makes sure that he pauses for a few moments before walking away once he has finished drinking from his bowl.

This ensures that when he leaves, there are no drops of water falling from his mouth and making a mess of his owner’s lovely clean floor.

As demonstrated in the video, the dog and his owner have developed a very clever method, leaving the floor completely clear of any water.

Some viewers were clearly a little envious of the dog’s level of patience, with one commenting: “I don’t think my dog even finishes swallowing before flinging water all over the place.”

As soon as Mango realises what is going on, she turns on the charm, instantly switching to her most adorable expression in an attempt to persuade her owner to feed her a bit more.

Another of the breed to have recently enjoyed viral success was a gorgeous dog who hilariously gobbled down an entire slice of cheese.

The goldie was shown the slice and instructed to take a small bite, with her owner even helpfully providing a demonstration.

But when it was time for her to attempt a small bite of the corner, the mischievous canine instead swallowed the entire slice all in one.

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