Greece blows top at EU over new green deal as Russia gas reliance 'unavoidable'

“According to our National Energy and Climate Plan, Greece will double its wind and solar PV capacity until 2030, with RES contributing up to 64 percent to the country’s electricity production.”

With support from the European Commission, Greece has allocated approximately £1.95billion (€2.27billion) towards an additional 4.2GW of new RES capacity.

The Greek Prime Minister has also announced an additional 2GW of offshore wind power, indicating the country’s green transition will rely heavily on onshore and offshore wind production.

However, Ms Sdoukou warned the burning of natural gas will play a key role in securing Greece’s green future.

She said: “Our plan to phase out lignite coal at such a rapid pace comes with a number of unique challenges, both technical and socioeconomic.

“From the technical perspective, a complete rethinking of our energy sector is needed.”

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