Grey's Anatomy season 19: Fans fume at 'underwhelming' Station 19 crossover 'What a waste'

The long-running hospital drama is back after Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo) made a miraculous recovery from COVID last season. Unfortunately, the highly anticipated Grey’s Anatomy premiere on ABC was tarnished by a lacklustre crossover with the show’s firefighter spin-off, Station 19.

Fans have expressed utter disappointment with Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19’s season premiere crossover event.

The second spin-off of the beloved medical drama returned for its fifth season and kicked off a two-part story with the parent series.

Set in a fictional post-pandemic world, Seattle’s Phoenix Fair celebrating the end of COVID gets out of hand when someone has a nasty accident with some illegal fireworks.

Meanwhile, the firefighters run into trouble when an ‘undies bike race’ disrupts their journey.

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Finally, @xotonironixo said: “I watch both shows so it doesn’t bug me but if you’re gonna promote something as a crossover event you may actually want to give us a crossover.

“Almost halfway through and not a single #GreysAnatomy character has shown up.”

With rumours flying about season 19 potentially being Grey’s last, or at least the final swan song for Ellen Pompeo, hopefully the show can pull it back in the coming weeks.

There is still plenty of drama to come, including Meredith’s fledgling romance with Sloan Memorial’s dishy new paediatric surgeon, Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood).

Meredith and Cormac’s chemistry was in full swing as they shared a brief video call during their downtime.

Although they didn’t make any steps towards taking their friendship any further, Cormac certainly had a wistful look on his face after they hung up.

However, now Meredith has been given her own lab to search for a cure for Parkinson’s, there’s a chance she may never come back to Seattle.

Grey’s Anatomy season 19 continues Thursdays on ABC.

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