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Harry security leaves UK humiliated as Dutch step in to protect Duke 'How embarrassing!'

NewsHarry security leaves UK humiliated as Dutch step in to protect Duke 'How embarrassing!'

Prince Harry has been embroiled in a dispute with the Home Office after he was refused the chance to privately pay for the same levels of protection as the rest of the Royal Family during his visits to the UK. The Duke of Sussex cited concerns over his family’s security when confronted about his decision not to return to England with his wife Meghan Markle and children since stepping down in March 2020. Footage of the Duke receiving protection from the Dutch police during his stay in The Netherlands for the Invictus Games.

Video shared on Twitter shows three police bikes stopping traffic as they escort a black town car believed to be transporting the Duke of Sussex through The Hague.

Sharing the footage on her profile, user @SussexPrincess said: “I don’t talk about Harry and Meghan’s security but I would like to say how embarrassing it is for the UK that they will not allow a Prince/Veteran and born royal to pay for his family’s security but The Netherlands provides this level of protection for him.

“They have daily debates about the safety of his family, who are known to have targets on their backs with people put in jail for their threats against them as if it’s some sort of joke or game…England is the joke here.”

User @DivinelyMeghan added: “It’s a shame that #HarryAndMeghan had to sneak in and out of the UK.

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“The contrast of how they’re being received in #TheHauge Wow!!! The world will take them, even if England won’t.”

@Daisy1158 added: “They hold Harry in more esteem than his own country! The UK is a shadow of what it once used to be, on all fronts.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s security during their Dutch stay was guaranteed by the collaboration of private security and members of the Dutch royal guard.

The couple was forced to give up their security detail when stepping down from their official working positions in 2020 and are believed to have since personally paid for a private protection team.

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The Duke requested his family be granted the same level of security as other members of the Royal Family while in the UK for a visit.

But the Home Office ruled they would not be entitled to such levels of protection as they no longer worked on behalf of the Crown, a decision Prince Harry has appealed.

Despite having no official royal protection, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex briefly returned to the UK last week to visit the Queen at Windsor Castle.

The couple’s arrival went under the radar and news of their stay broke as the pair prepared to jet off for The Netherlands.


While hailed as a step towards mending the fraught relationship Harry and Meghan have had with the Royal Family since their departure, the pitstop also sparked further backlash.

The couple only weeks earlier skipped the thanksgiving service the Queen organised to mark one year since the death of the Duke of Edinburgh.

A spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had said the pair would not be in attendance due to their security concerns.

However, experts had suggested the presence of most of the Royal Family would have ensured their safety at the event.

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