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'He destroyed Russia' Putin warned Russians to take 'generations' to undo Ukraine 'damage'

World'He destroyed Russia' Putin warned Russians to take 'generations' to undo Ukraine 'damage'

Vladimir Putin has condemned the Russian people of paying for the consequences of his invasion of Ukraine for “generations”, Mr Ryzhenkov warned. Putin warned he would unleash a “lighting-fast” response if any countries attempted to interfere with his invasion of Ukraine, but the CEO of Metinvest Holding, which owns the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, warned the Russian leader has inadvertently condemned Russia. He told Sky News: “By attacking Ukraine, Putin has destroyed Russia.

 “Seeing what I have seen [in Mariupol] is very difficult to express what I think about [Putin and the Russian government].

“I am pretty sure that by doing so Mr Putin has not only made huge damage to Ukraine but he destroyed Russia

“And Russians for generations will pay for that.”

During the interview, Sky News presenter Niall Paterson asked Mr Ryzhenkov: “Do you see a peaceful end to this conflict any time soon considering the latest news that we are hearing that Vladimir Putin’s ambitions might not be limited just to Ukraine?”

Mr Ryzhenkov responded: “I think that is correct.

“But we already see the world uniting around Ukraine this stop this Russian aggression/

“And we have learned from the second world war that when the world unites, aggressors are able to win.”

Referring to the Azovstal steel plant and Ukrainian soldiers and civilians unable to escape safely, he said: “The situation is a humanitarian catastrophe.

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Despite his failure to secure significant objectives in over two months, Putin continued to threaten attempts to support Ukraine.

Putin warned: “[Russia] has all the tools for this, ones that no one can brag around

“And we will use them if needed, and I want everyone to know this.”

In light of the warnings, UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss suggested that the west should be “digging deep into our inventories and ramping up production” of military equipment.

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