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'He never visited England' Scots Nats erupt at St George's Day after Sturgeon's message

News'He never visited England' Scots Nats erupt at St George's Day after Sturgeon's message

The SNP leader refused to be drawn into the annual badgering of England’s patron saint, who critics are pleased to point out never visited the courtly. She wrote in a post on Twitter: “Happy St George’s Day.”

But even this simple message was enough to provoke frustration among some nationalist followers.

RbaillieALBA demanded: “Where’s our happy INDEPENDENCE day?”

“Keezus” insisted Ms Strugeon had “failed us”.

“Stevie M”, who has the Saltire and an EU flag in his Twitter name, said: “He never visited England. Was born in Turkey, died in Israel. Part of the Roman army.”

Danny Rosamond joked her account was “definitely hacked”.

Keigs added Ms Sturgeon must “delete” the post, while for Sophie, it was too late: “Blocked”.

Others branded the SNP leader a “hypocrite” for her post.

John mocked English men and women, asking: “Is that the one they made up because they didn’t have a real saint to be their patron?”

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Scott Sliter, echoing Mr Whiting’s view, also wrote: “Thank you for acknowledging and respecting the importance of England’s significant ‘day’.

“We would like to believe Scotland’s significant ‘day’ will be acknowledged and respected [in the same way].

“Lead by example.”

But elsewhere across the UK, plenty more figures took to Twitter to post the usual criticisms of Saint George and his patron’s day.

After it was announced thousands of migrants who arrive in Britain by illegally crossing the Channel will be sent abroad for processing, writer and lawyer Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu suggested Saint George would today be “trafficked to Rwanda”.

In a much-mocked post on Twitter, she wrote: “Saint George is a Palestinian/Turkish immigrant who would be trafficked to Rwanda today by this British Government. Unlike me, he wasn’t British.

“The English aren’t loyal to who and what Saint George is but claim him as patron. Disingenuous.”

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