‘He will regret it!’ Prince Harry urged to return to UK to see Queen as health fears soar

Following the Queen’s recently night in hospital for precautionary measures and the announcement she won’t attend the COP26 conference in Glasgow, there are mounting fears for her health among members of the British public. Prince Harry is known to be extremely fond of his grandmother but hasn’t seen much of her since relocating to the US with his wife Meghan Markle last year.

At 95 years old, the Queen is the longest-serving monarch in British history and while her recent health scare is a stark reminder of her advancing age the Palace has been keen to reassure the public that she remains well and in good spirits.

Taking to Twitter following news of the Queen’s Cop26 cancellation, fans urged has the monarch to rest, and wished her a speedy recovery.

KimberlyAnn said: “Such a beautiful family. I truly hope Harry flies back to see his grandmother, The Queen, and the family.

“She is slowing down. He will regret it. I loved the commercial they did together! God bless you all.”

Royal Family hints Queen’s NOT stepping down with job role

Social media users who feared the worst for the Queen were quickly rubbished by fans arguing she is resilient as ever and simply needs to rest.

Twitter user Paul Leonard said: “On ‘social media’ there’s talk the Queen is at death door… At 95, Her Majesty looks superb and puts to shame a lot of people who are a lot younger.”

While Samantha Smith chimed in: “Why are people suggesting the Queen is on death’s door? Last week, she attended Welsh Parliament, was at Westminster Abbey, held a reception at Windsor Castle and met with New Zealand’s Governor-General – She’s 95, of course, she needs a few days rest. Doesn’t mean she’s dying.”

Following the death of her husband, Prince Philip in April, some have urged the Queen to slow down.

One Royal expert claimed if the Duke of Edinburgh had still been alive, he would have been the first to advise her to take it easy.

Prince Harry has not been back to the UK since July when he returned to unveil a new statue of his mother Princess Diana at Kensington Palace.

There are hopes he and Meghan could return to the UK as a family unit with their children Lilibet and Archie for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations next spring.

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