Heartbreaking moment vet tells This Morning viewer her dog probably has cancer 'oh god'

Concerned viewer @mrssallywilson tweeted: “@AlisonHammond watching the phone in with the wonderful Dr Scott (vet). Left heartbroken at the story of the dog who had the mouth problem. Hoping the lady owner is being looked after – not the nicest news to hear on National TV.”

@naomibyname wrote: “Gosh you phone in for advice and get told you need to have your 16 year old dog put to sleep ALL my love to that owner #ThisMorning.”

“@thismorning that poor lady that just gold told her dog may have cancer It looked like she was quickly dismissed. Is she ok? Did anyone stay on the phone to offer support? What a devastating thing to hear,” @Paulaexplorer9 added.

@michellesapiano shared: “@thismorning awe feel so bad for that lady who called into the vet about her dog…Dr Scott looked like he wanted to cry bless him.”

This Morning airs on ITV on weekdays at 10am.

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