Helpless owner watches on as German shepherd clumsily wipes out booze shelf with big stick

The pup was caught out being a little over confident in a hilarious video as she tangled with a big stick. After being recorded showing off some excellent tetris skills as she squeezed the stick through the doorway, this German shepherd was quickly humbled by her clumsiness, as she wiped out the booze shelf, sending glass flying everywhere. Sadie Mae, who is almost two-years-old, is still in need of some awareness of her surroundings, as this clip shows.

Viewers first see Sadie approach the front door of her home in Weldon Springs, Missouri, USA, with a long branch in her mouth. Sadie’s sceptical owner is unconvinced she will manage to fit her prize through the narrow passageway.

But the intelligent pup easily makes it past this obstacle, twisting her head and the stick to ensure it fits into the house with no problems. Her owner is clearly surprised, sounding very impressed with his dog’s quick thinking, but this changes almost immediately.

Sadie clearly gets a little over confident, rushing forward into the house with her large stick. Things rapidly go wrong from here, as the stick catches on a table and chest of drawers in the home, making a noisy mess.

Sadie instantly panics, fleeing the scene of the crime and leaving the stick wedged between the table and drawers. Thankfully Sadie’s owner sees the funny side, reminding his dog that bringing the stick into the house was a terrible idea before letting out a chuckle.

The clip, which was uploaded by TikTok user @itzwurthit, was a massive success on the app, with over 5.3 million views and over 756,000 likes.

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