'He's useless!' Lammy hits out at PM 'try getting a builder these days – costs a fortune'

Mr Lammy accused Boris Johnson of being solely responsible for widespread shortages across Britain as he condemned the leadership competence of the Prime Minister in a skewering dismissal. Labour’s shadow Justice Secretary hit out at the Government for their reaction to fears of fuel shortages as he then lamented the increasing cost of labour following Brexit.

Mr Lammy slammed: “Boris made the promises and it is our job to hold him to account!

But Alastair Campbell demanded Mr Lammy “don’t call him Boris!”

Mr Lammy hit back, insisting: “It doesn’t really matter if you call him Bori or Johnson or whatever – he is useless is what he is!

“And by the way, it is not just shortages of fuel…

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“It is shortages our farming and agriculture, it is shortages in building supplies – try getting a builder these days!

“It costs a fortune!”

Mr Lammy branded Mr Johnson as “responsible” for the carnage before adding how Labour have to “go toe to toe with him.”

He added the party must also hold him to account to the promises that he has made “which he is now not delivering on.”

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Ministers are now suggesting the petrol chaos could continue until Christmas.

It comes as Boris Johnson has put the British Army on standby to help deliver fuel and monitor garages as Britain descends into a panic at the pumps.

But Armed Forces figures have warned it will take at least a week for the Army to be ready and learn how to drive the type of lorries required to deliver fuel.

The issues have been compounded by strikes at the DVLA meaning slow processing of trucker tests alongside a cavity that has openened up in the profession as drivers leave the job to due to poor working conditions.

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