HGV driver shortage crisis has 'been in the US for some time' as issue strikes UK and EU

CEO of Scurri and delivery management expert Rory O’Connor argued that the HGV driver shortage problem has been brewing for many years. During an interview with Express.co.uk, he said the USA has also had to deal with a shortage as has the European Union. He explained a combination of issues, including Coronavirus, Brexit, the EU and job perception have all contributed to the shortage.

Mr O’Connor said: “I think that is the challenge, it is not just a UK or EU challenge.

“This challenge has been in the US for some time in terms of delivery drivers.

“It has not been as pronounced but there has been warnings about this for years in terms of the slow decline of drivers in the US, the unattractiveness of the career.

“This is more of an international issue so the UK has an immediate problem and it has just been exacerbated by a number of things.

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“The EU has a similar problem as well.

“I think the opening of the borders back again for drivers with the short term arrangement, it is a not a long-term solution.

“They may put a plaster on it but it is not going to solve the problem in the long-term.

“Even if does solve the issue in the short-term, I think that is the challenge at the moment and there has to be more long-term thinking on this at this point.”

Yash Dubal, director of AY&J Solicitors, has helped thousands of migrants relocate to the UK with his speciality in visa law.

He told Express.co.uk the real reason the attempts to solve the HGV driver shortage is that “the Government hasn’t understood the migrant mindset”.

Mr Dubal said: “It is expected that if you offer temporary visas to fix problems short term, migrants will flock to the UK for a quick buck.

“This is completely flawed.” 

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