'Highest honour' Canadian regiment to serve as Queen's Guard in London next month

The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery Duties Contingent has formally been invited by Her Majesty to serve as the Queen’s Guard, Royal Central reports. The Queen issued the invite to honour the regiment’s 150th anniversary.

The Manitoba-based regiment has fought in multiple conflicts since their creation, including in the First and Second World War.

It has been reported that a group of 90 troops will cross the Atlantic to protect the royal residences of Buckingham Palace, St James’s Palace, Windsor Castle and the Tower of London.

They will serve at the Firm’s London and Berkshire homes between October 4 and October 22.

The Canadian troops will also take part in the commemorative Changing of the Guard parade.

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The Changing of the Guard, which marks the handover between regiments protecting the sovereign’s residences, takes place at Buckingham Palace, St James’s and the nearby Wellington Barracks.

According to reports in Canada, the regiment’s Master Warrant Officer, Sergeant Major Jason Power, responded to the news by saying: “Our soldiers have worked extremely hard over the last two months to be prepared to conduct public duties.

“As far as ceremonial duties go, being part of the Queen’s Guard is the highest honour a soldier of the Canadian Armed Forces can have, and with it comes a great sense of responsibility and pride.”

When the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery marked their centenary celebrations in 1970, the Queen made a visit to their base in Manitoba alongside her late husband the Duke of Edinburgh and two eldest children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

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The last time a group of Canadian soldiers were appointed as the Queen’s Guards came in the Autumn of 2018 when the Royal Canadian Regiment and Royal Canadian Artillery Band were called upon.

Regiments from other Commonwealth nations, including Australia and Jamaica, are also said to have performed the important duties.

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