Horoscope & Style: 'Perfect way' to look 'irresistible' -but only 1 sign will 'turn heads'

Fashion is one of the best ways to express one’s personality, but how can you incorporate your star sign into your style? The team behind Cath Kidston reveals the “perfect ways” to do so and the most flattering colours for each star sign.


Aquarians are known for being laidback and grounded. They tend to trust their own instincts when it comes to trends, even if it goes against the grain.

“These traits combined means a bold sea blue is the colour for you. Blue not only represents tranquillity but also confidence and trustworthiness. Block blues can be a bit mundane, so why not opt for a blue take on a current print, like the checkerboard pattern?” suggested the team at Cath Kidston.


The water sign is well known for being the most in touch with their emotions out of all the signs. The two fish represent their desires to both work and be successful and also spend their time in bed daydreaming.

A turquoise or beautiful sea-foam green is the perfect way for Pisceans to represent themselves. They express their dreaminess through a colour that’s sure to make them stand out from the crowd – that’s why turquoise is perfect. Playing with texture allows you to take this to the next level. “Opt for floaty, sheer fabrics to perfectly capture your irresistible head-in-the-clouds persona,” the expert explained.

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Aries are famous for being passionate and fiery, one of the boldest personalities in the zodiac.

Naturally, red is the perfect colour for Ariens. It’s also known to be perceived as attractive and powerful, which is perfect for the star sign. “As a headstrong Aries represented by a ram, you could really lean into this with a bold red headband or hat – nobody will forget you in a hurry!”


Taureans have a grounded personality and trustworthiness, they love being surrounded by soothing greenery, calming sounds, and earthy smells to truly become one with earth.

It should come as no surprise then that green is the colour for them. Not only will it express their connection with nature, but it’ll enhance their mood. “Accessorising with a bold, bright green crossbody bag is a great way to do this – typically, our handbags are in neutral colours, so this unexpected pop of colour will give you an edge,” the team at Cath Kidston recommended.



Geminis are quick-witted, clever, and curious about the world and they are perceived as intense, extroverted and joyful.

Yellow is the perfect colour to express their joyful and vibrant personality. While a gorgeous yellow knit dress or coat will brighten up a drab winter outfit, bright, buttery coloured sundresses are the perfect way to convey their personality and spread joy. “You could take it up a notch and opt for a bold yellow print, because what’s more fun than an eclectic pattern on your dress? Pair it with a clashing printed bag to really express that dual personality of yours,” the fashion expert suggested.


Cancers are empathetic and in tune with their emotions.

Ethereal silver and moony greys are the colour for them. These colours are reminiscent of the moon and stars and are certainly otherworldly. To really take this to the next level, pairing these colours with floaty, chiffon dresses is recommended.


Leos are bold and brave, and super charismatic.

Orange isn’t quite as bold as Aries’ red, but it still expresses their warm and powerful energy and it has more fun and light-hearted connotations than firebox red. “Why not combine this with some exciting animal print to really show off your wild side? Leopard print is a classic bold choice, but why not go all out with tiger print?” they suggested.


Virgos are amongst the most analytical and practical of the zodiac.

As they are grounded and sensible mind means brown is their power colour. But it doesn’t have to be boring. Like their personality, brown goes with everything and can provide the base for more powerful colours to stand out against.

“We recommend clashing your neutrals in your outfit – why not go for a camel coat and rich brown palazzo pants for a look that’s as classy as it is bold? Bonus points if you pair it with an oversized tote bag in a fun print like strawberries or ladybugs to show off your love for details!”


Libra is one of the most outgoing air signs but also pragmatic when they approach a problem.

They’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd, so pink is the perfect colour for them to embrace. “Whether you embrace a feminine soft pink or you go all-out with a hot pink, it’s a bold choice you won’t regret. If you’re going on a night out, opt for a hot pink dress. Brunch with the girls? A pale pink suit paired with florals will be ultra-chic while still turning heads,” the team recommended.


The outlier of the water signs, Scorpios strong and charismatic.

Nothing goes better with their enigmatic vibe than black. An all-black outfit is sleek, smart, and timeless. Like their personality, it leaves people guessing, and gives them a blank canvas to work with. Scorpios can dress it up with colourful accessories like a bright bag or go with neutral accents for a classy look.


Sagittarians are a fun sign known for their spontaneity, with an affinity for both nature and animals.

For them, there’s no better colour than purple. It’s extravagant, creative, and independent… just like them. “Express your wild, fun side and mix it up with a pair of purple trousers or go the whole hog with a purple jumpsuit – people won’t forget you any time soon.”


Capricorns can come across as a bit ruthless, but in fact, they are one of the best types of friends.

Their no-nonsense personality means they favour neutral shades in the style, but that doesn’t mean they can’t mix it up. “Monochromatic looks are amazing on you, but don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour like a strong maroon. It’s muted enough to go with your style yet still enough to turn a few heads. This transition shade perfectly exemplifies your strong-willed personality mixed in with the unrivalled support and love you provide to the people you care about,” the team at Cath Kidston explained.

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