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Horoscope traits: Perfect self care tips for every star sign

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Your star sign can reveal a lot about you, including your worst habits and what you enjoy. Have you ever noticed your Leo friend loves dancing and your Cancer friend is always taking a long, hot soak in the bath? Gemma Hampson at health and wellbeing brand GearHungry has revealed to what method of self-care the star signs should be practising in 2021.


Aries is the first sign in the zodiac making Aries people very competitive, focussed, and determined.

Gemma explained: “They detest dithering and like duties to be completed in a timely manner, with a straightforward approach.

“Innately competitive, an Aries is prepared to work for hours if it means that they are considered by others to be the best.

“An Aries can be fairly outspoken, however, they have strong emotional awareness and are great at judging the atmosphere of their environment.

“They tend to be generous characters and adore making people smile as their actions always hold good intentions.”

Aries puts a lot of pressure on themselves and this can lead to prolonged working hours and burnout, so self-care should be an important part of their day.

Gemma said this year, it’s time to use your self-care time to sort out your emails.

She said: “Checking emails can be addictive. According to studies, rats sustain a high level of motivation when they receive rewards at random rather than a fixed reward (A reward that is generated after X amount of action).

“Humans work on the same principle which is reflected in the way in which we check emails.

“You are consistently your inbox, and the reward is when you find one that you enjoy instead of junk/a boss giving instructions/a bill.

“This can lead to email anxiety, where a person experiences a surge of anxiety when checking their mail.

“The mail inbox of an Aries tends to be packed with work-related assets, subscription newsletters etc.

“Make organising your emails your first act of self-care. Unsubscribing, deleting, and creating folders to organise messages will ease stress on a daily basis.

“You will also see instant rewards – crucial to an Aries as they feel that this self-care practice doubles up as a productive task.”

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Horoscope traits:

Horoscope traits: The definition of self care differs from person to person (Image: Getty)

Horoscope traits:

Horoscope traits: Aries need to organise their emails (Image: Getty)


Taurus is known for being extremely stubborn and as an earth sign, they like things done their way.

Gemma said: “Once a Taurus has a plan, they like to stick to it. They crave structure, routine, and stability.

“A Taurus is fairly materialistic and will save to invest in a purchase that provides luxury. They are sensual people and incredibly sensitive to smells, touch, and taste.

“ They hold a higher level of determination than most which in turn, makes them strong-willed.

“A person that holds the Taurus sign loves calm, a luxurious home sanctuary and a chance to simply rest in a quiet environment.

“They are often described as unmotivated characters that are lazy. A Taurus would argue that they simply favour self-indulgence and comfort.

“Although a Taurus may be perceived as laid back initially, they do stand up for themselves and can seem aggressive.”

This year, Taureans need to use meditation as their daily self-care ritual.
Gemma said: “Meditation accompanied by scented candles is perfect for a Taurus.

“The meditation aligns with a Taurus’ desire to position themselves in one place and the candles add a touch of luxury that the Taurus is accustomed to.

“Frequent meditation reduces stress by suppressing the body’s production of cortisol.

“Meditation can help a Taurus grow to be more self-aware as it encourages participants to take awareness of their surroundings as well as the way in which one reacts to the movements, sounds and actions around them.

“As a Taurus craves structure, I advise that they practice their meditation at the same time and in a designated area every time.”

Horoscope traits:

Horoscope traits: Meditation will benefit Taureans (Image: Getty)

Horoscope traits:

Horoscope traits: Geminis should put their energy towards working out (Image: Getty)


Geminis are the chatty social butterfly of the zodiac who loves learning new information and meeting people.

However, Gemma added: “They are not sentimental characters and do not endeavour to stay loyal to one set of friends.

“Instead, they tend to dip in and out of social circles and know a little about everyone.

“They are always on the go and their mind works at a million miles an hour.

“They do not like being tied down in terms of relationships or social commitments and it is likely to change their mind several times before partaking in plans.”

Geminis love learning everything about everything and everyone, and this means they’re often rushing around, travelling, or constantly on the go.

The best self-care for a Gemini is working out, especially HIIT workouts or circuit training.

Gemini said: “Not all self-care is calm and somewhat ‘still’. I consider any practice that is voluntarily adopted in order to improve oneself (whether that is physically, mentally, or educationally) is an act of self-care.

“As a Gemini is fast-moving and loses focus easily, I strongly recommend HIIT workouts and/or circuit training as a means to boost energy levels and enhance a positive mindset.

“This frequent change in exercises over the course of the workout will aid in keeping the focus of a Gemini and ensure that no 2 workouts are the same.

“Studies show that HIIT increases the production of the neurotransmitter’s glutamate and GABA, both of which control the chemical messaging to the brain. Low levels of glutamate and GABA spark low moods and anxiety.

“HIIT also boots BDNF a protein that regulates brain function and mood.

“Practices that even mood whilst burning energy is the perfect self-care for every Gemini.”

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Cancerians are the mothers of the zodiac- they are very emotional, nurturing, and always there to give you advice or a shoulder to cry on.

Gemma added: “As a Cancerian is deep-rooted in emotion, they keep hold of things that have sentimental value.

“You often find that a Cancerian has friends that they have known since their incredibly early childhood and if you hurt them, wounds can take years to heal.

“Deep thinking is the norm for a Cancer, and they find it exceedingly difficult to open up to people.

“They love being at home, in their ‘safe’ environment and often analyse all of the possible outcomes of visiting a new place before they take the plunge and go there in person.”

Gemma said: “The Zodiac sign Cancer is governed by the moon, the celestial force that literally embodies self-care.

“Indulgent self-care practices come naturally to a Cancer. They fully grasp the importance of it and will purposely carve out meaningful time in order to obtain a practice that has a positive impact on their wellbeing.”

What’s more indulgent than a dip in a bubble bath? Cancerians are symbolised by the crab, after all.

Gemma explained: “A cancer is naturally drawn to water. They feel at peace on the beach and floating in the sea comes naturally to them.

“Failing a visit to the ocean, drawing a bath is an event in the Cancerian household.

“They can spend hours in it sifting through their thoughts, thinking of new ideas and deciding how to move forward with their week.

“A warm bath increases the temperature of the body and in turn, relaxes muscles. As a bath rapidly has a direct impact on the body, instant relaxation ensues along with a suppression in anxiety and stress.”

Horoscope traits:

Horoscope traits: Cancerians will be fond of a good bubble bath (Image: Getty)


Leos are confident, bubbly, warm, and love the spotlight.

Gemma added: “They are very sure of themselves, secure in their opinions and not afraid to rock the boat.

“They tend to own the room and exert passion and enthusiasm. Leos are extremely loyal and love to receive compliments. In fact, it is not unusual for a Leo to go fishing for them.

“Leos endeavour to receive attention and they are extremely popular beings. They are known to host the best parties and give the best gifts as they are often the most thoughtful.

“A Leo is often certain that they know best and do not take kindly to those that disagree with them or attempt to exert their own boundaries.”

The best form of self-care for a Leo is dancing, whether that’s taking a lesson or just doing your best moves at home.

Gemma said: “As a Leo loves attention, they are attracted to self-care practices that showcase their talents and encourage praise.

“Whether it is partaking in formal lessons or dancing around your living room and following YouTube tutorials, Leos are sure to look forward to this self-care practice.

“The advantages of dance is that you can align the pace of the practice with how you feel at that specific point in time.

“Improving posture and stamina is a given, however, dance also enhances coordination, communication skills and even cognitive function.”


Virgos are known as the perfectionists of the zodiac because they are very organised and always have their priorities straight.

Gemma said: “However, their perfectionist trait sees that they are often self-critical and can be extremely hard on themselves.

“Virgos are very organised, great communicators and often hold high expectations of themselves and others.

“Virgos are often successful in their field, however, unlikely to brag or boast. They tend to be control freaks with an eye for detail and can notice the most minor of oversights.

“A Virgo is highly creative and also a philosopher/daydreamer. They are artistic and often use it as an outlet to express their deepest thoughts.”
Because of this artistic streak, a Virgo should take some time to practise art as self-care every single day.

Gemma said: “Sitting in a quiet environment and drawing or painting for a steady period of time is perfect for a Virgo and is an act of self-care and mindfulness.

“Mindfulness inspires participants to be consciously present in the moment and alone with their thoughts. Art can serve as a fantastic mindfulness practice and is perfect for a Virgo.”

Horoscope traits:

Horoscope traits: Virgos should do some painting (Image: Getty)


Libra is the sign of marriage, partnerships, and companionships, Gemma said.

She explained: “Libras thrive in relationships.

“They value companionship and appreciate the finer things in life. Libras tend to be people-pleasers and those closest to them can grow frustrated with them as they strive to keep everyone happy, including people that they consider acquaintances.

“However, they can solve conflict with ease as they are likeable with an abundance of charm, wit and cool.

“They are great listeners and give advice with ease. They are great at giving guidance that is fair and diplomatic.”

While Libras are great at compromising, they aren’t the best decision-makers and this can cause them and the people around them anxiety.

Gemma added: “It is common that a Libra will start several projects at once but never fully finish them.”

Gemma recommends Libras to work with crystals in 2021 as their form of self-care.

She said: “Short practices work best for a Libra as anything with substantial commitment can throw them.

“As they appreciate the beauty in material things, working with crystals is a terrific self-care practice.

“A Libra will not be alone in their crystal work as Adele, Victoria Beckham and Kylie Jenner have all talked about their work with Crystals.

“Crystal work can be practised for 30 seconds or several hours and also be displayed around the home, perfect for a Libra’s aesthetic.”

Horoscope traits:

Horoscope traits: Libras should work with crystals (Image: Getty)


Scorpios are protective, passionate and emotional, but very secretive and “may not easily allow others to access their deepest thoughts or desires,” Gemma said.

She added: “However when they love they love hard. Once a Scorpio has their mind set on something, there is no stopping them.

“They can forgive people pretty easily but they never forget.

“A Scorpios social circle are often surprised by their successes as they often keep their road to success a secret until they have achieved their goals.

“A Scorpio is a good person to have on side in a crisis as nothing phases them, no matter what the subject matter. However, it is wise to remember that a Scorpio is likely to take control of the situation and voice their frustration if you do not follow their lead.”

This year, Gemma recommends that Scorpios get outside in nature for their daily self-care.

She said: “A Scorpio is at home in nature and at their best when they are outside. Walking in the great outdoors is the perfect self-care activity for a Scorpio.

“Studies have proven that spending time in an outdoor space encourages a positive mood, boosts self-esteem, and increases the body’s levels of Serotonin.”


Sagittarians are energetic, fun, free-spirits who don’t take life too seriously.

While these are all attractive traits, Sagittarians can frustrate those around them who want to talk more seriously.

Gemma added: “However, as they have a carefree nature, they are not afraid to be honest and often speak before they think.

“Those who hold the Sagittarius sign loath deadlines and are terrible timekeepers.

“A Sagittarius prefers to live in an ideal world rather than a realistic one. They may not achieve all of their dreams, but they are ok to keep the dream.

“A Sagittarius is great at getting themselves out of difficult situations and somewhat enjoy the thrill of it.”

Gemma recommends Sagittarians create a vision board this year so they can “put their dreams on paper.”

She said: “It also streamlines their ideas and encourages them to assess what is important to them. Creating vision boards boosts your mood and increases energy levels as it stirs excitement and promotes productivity.”


Capricorn is the father of the zodiac- always working, sensible, ambitious, self-sufficient and independent.

Gemma said: “Capricorns tend to see the negative before the positive, however, this trait does ensure that they are realists, seeing that events rarely surprise them.

“Capricorns are incredibly disciplined, once they put their mind to something, it is rare that they will swerve off course. Their minds tend to run at a million miles a minute and when they are completing one task, they are already thinking of the next.

“Capricorns strive for success; they often climb the career ladder and are general overachievers. However, although accomplishing major success is the norm for a Capricorn, they will never shout about it or show off their success.

“They are very modest, easily embarrassed of the attention and stay steadily humble’.

“Craving instant gratification, Capricorns strive to conduct practices where the benefits are instant. Self-confessed workaholics, they are prone to burnout.

As a result, self-care practices that serve as an energy boost are a must.”

This year, Gemma recommends Capricorns practise yoga as their self-care.

She said: “Yoga is an ideal practice for Capricorns as it boosts energy, eases anxiety, promotes the notion that poses can always be improved and has endless books that fuel a person’s knowledge of the practice.

“Yoga boosts energy by improving posture, lifting the chest, and increasing lung capacity. Supporting breath work, energy levels are increased. Yoga also enhances the release of the feel-good hormone, endorphins.

“Resting the mind and inspiring a positive mindset Yoga is the perfect self-care practice for a Capricorn to implement alongside the usual workings of their day.”

Horoscope traits:

Horoscope traits: Aquarians would try gaming (Image: Getty)


Aquarians are the edgy humanitarians of the zodiac.

Gemma said: “An Aquarius thinks outside the box with ease and adores unusual activities.

“They are natural eccentrics with a great eye for detail and very stubborn.

“They are great team players and are not afraid to make change and strive to make the world a better place.

“Analytical and naturally clever, they are great problem solvers and rely heavily on data.

“Although an Aquarius may be a geek on the inside, they succeed in providing the shock factor amongst their social circles and trust people that allow them to be themselves.

“It can take a while for an Aquarius to trust you though, and they are often perceived as cold.

“An Aquarius is always thinking. They are never likely to make a spontaneous decision and instead favour making considered choices.”

Gemma recommends games as Aquarius’ form of self-care in 2021.

She said: “It may come as no surprise that an Aquarius will benefit from a self-care practice that is an ongoing game/puzzle.

“A digital game that can be played solo however with others online to complement their team player skills is perfect for an Aquarius.

“The likes of Animal crossing is pretty perfect for an Aquarius who wants to have some time out. It not only presents the opportunity to express their creativity but also use their analytical skills and communicate with others.”


Pisceans are very emotional, non-judgemental, and creative.

Gemma said: “They can pick up on the feelings of others with ease just by sensing their vibe. A Pisces is a big Cryer. They are not afraid to cry in front of others and never embarrassed to.

“As they are so in tune with their emotions, it is no surprise that a Pisces is a romantic type.

“A Pisces is often believed to have psychic tendencies and is often ruled by their gut feeling.

“They can be considered to be delusional by others however, they easily adapt to their surroundings.”

Journaling will benefit Pisceans in 2021, and they should use this hobby as a form of self-care.

Gemma said: “With psychic tendencies and an inner wisdom, the most beneficial self-care practice for a Pisces is journaling. Manifesting is second nature to a Pisces.

“Journaling accesses the left side of the brain, working to unblock the right side to create and feel.”

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