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Horror as helpless toddler snatched by MONKEY and dragged across street in China

WorldHorror as helpless toddler snatched by MONKEY and dragged across street in China

The young child escaped from the ordeal with scratches to her face in the Chongqing Municipality, southwest China. The little girl was taken by surprise by the monkey as she played in the street on Tuesday.

The animal came up behind the three-year-old, before slamming the child to the ground.

It then attempted to pull her quickly away by her hair.

The monkey grabbed the little girl and yanked her out of the frame of the camera, before she was saved by a quick-witted bystander.

The girl’s mother, named as Liu, was just inside in the kitchen when her child was snatched.

But she had no idea what had happened to her toddler before neighbours informed her, and she saw the CCTV footage for herself.

She then reported the incident to the police.

Reports say the girl has received further medical attention at a local hospital, and that she will be vaccinated.

The monkey has become notorious in the village, and has previously pounced on other unwitting victims, the Global Times reports.

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They plan to hand it over to the wild animal protection department once authorities have successfully caught the animal.

Last year, a monkey attack left a two-month-old baby scarred after pouncing when the baby’s mother was in a separate room.

The monkey gained entrance to the family’s “locked” home in Malaysia before biting the child’s stomach.

The animal then dragged the seven-week-old across the floor, before the baby’s cries alerted his mother.

A police report detailed how the baby’s father had returned home with the baby’s sibling to see the youngest family member bloodied.

The young child had bite marks covering his head, face, and abdomen.

The father said the baby’s intestines were visible after the horrific attack.

The baby then underwent surgery on his abdomen and remained in hospital for two weeks.

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