‘How can anyone defend that?’ Freddie Flintoff calls out Roger Moore’s ‘creepy’ James Bond

Top Gear host Freddie Flintoff has called out James Bond for being “creepy” in a candid chat. The presenter admitted he had been thinking about the character after rewatching old films.

Freddie called out Roger Moore’s iteration in particular for being sexist.

He said: “People I thought were heroes of the silver screen when I was growing up… I’m not so sure now.

“I’ve been watching the old James Bond movies, all the way through to the more recent Daniel Craig films.

“I watched Casino Royale and you believe Craig could do something in a fight.”

Some of his most famous roles came in Live and Let Die and A View to Kill.

Bond recently returned for his twenty-fifth film in the series.

Daniel Craig embodied the part for the final time in the latest release.

Elsewhere, Freddie recently returned to screens in the latest series of Top Gear on the BBC.

However, he opened up about one part of the latest outing which didn’t go to plan as he couldn’t travel to Iceland with his fellow hosts.

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