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How to grow 'tall, bushy sweet peas': British mum with stunning garden has 'weekly' rules

Life & StyleHow to grow 'tall, bushy sweet peas': British mum with stunning garden has 'weekly' rules

Sweet peas are one of the more popular flowers to grow in the garden during the British summertime, however, they can be tricky. Sophie Valentine, shared her “sweet pea growing tips” with her followers on her account @lookinsidemygarden. She said: “Last year was my first year growing sweet peas and I was so pleased with how well they grew!

Sophie’s fans weighed in, with some having success with their sweet peas. One said: “My October sown babies have been out for a month and they are enormous – all 57 of them.”

One said: “I’ve got 6 outside tied on to a frame; first year for me so I’m delighted to have plants that are alive.”

“Been out snipping and tying in today, can’t wait for the sweet-peas!” another said.

Sweet peas are pretty plants, which produce a beautiful scent. Sow them from March to May for gorgeous displays.

Best conditions for sweet peas

Sweet peas like to be in a sunny postion but with lots of moisture in their soil.

They can be planted in flower beds or in pots.

Lots of gardeners like to sow sweet pea seeds in October, a keep the seeds inside to germinate throughtout the wintermonths and spring, before planting outside as of May, or when the weather warms up a little.

It is advised to pinch off flowers when they first appear to encourage more to grow.

Another gardener told Express.co.uk how she is growing a sweet pea teepee in her garden. 

Sharon, who runs @beforeandaftergarden, told readers what she is sowing in her garden this April.

She said: “I’m creating a large sweet-pea teepee on the lawn again.”

To plant a sweet pea teeppe take three stakes, which will form the teepee, and bundle them together, securing with a rope.

Put the ends of the stakes into the ground carefully around the sweet peas growing in the soil. While the sweet peas grow, encourage them to grow around the stakes.

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