'I held down three jobs' Eamonn Holmes blasts Twitter user over claims of 'tax avoidance' 

He stated: “They all do. None of that is the issue.  I hope Retrospective #IR35 taxation doesn’t come your way… actually scrub that.

“I hope it does because people like you won’t see the thievery, inconsistency of judgements and injustice involved unless they steal it from your pocket. “

However, the user explained they had also been hit hard by increases in taxation also, and responded: “Lol @ people like me, those commoners who held down 3 jobs on the front of Covid, whilst other’s drunk at home? 

“Those people, the taxman hit me too, couldn’t afford the big account, and was always taught to pay my way, the world owes me no favours, thanks for engaging though,”(sic)

Eamonn finished by maintaining that he did in fact work “three jobs” during the past year.

He said: “I held down three jobs too… always have but apparently that’s not being self-employed or freelance. Well, it is for some depending on which judge you get #IR35.”

A representative of Eamonn’s has been contacted by Express.co.uk.

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