‘I hide it so the wife doesn’t see it’ – Stewardess unveils secret of living in superyacht

A stewardess who has been working on a luxury superyacht currently based in the French Riviera for nine months told Express.co.uk the biggest secret of living there. This, she claimed, can be quite shocking and is her least preferred duty.

The stewardess revealed what she has to do in this situation.

“So the owner of our yacht has a wife and kids, but he has also many women whom he calls every time he comes.

“And every time we have one woman on board, we have to hide the things of the other women somewhere so she doesn’t see it.

“This will probably shock many. I think it’s another level,” she admitted.


“He has three regular women, really, including his real wife.

“So every time he wants to bring someone else he texts me saying ‘next week this one is coming’.

“And then we go on and change everything from the room, we empty the wardrobes and we place the other woman’s clothes,” she explained.

“Especially when the wife comes over with their children. My job, amongst other things, is to hide everything so the wife doesn’t see it.”

“Not even tell them where you are or the names of the owners. Nothing.

“It’s basically top secret,” she said.

“I personally haven’t had any bad experience with any owner but I have heard of people who had bad experiences with men who do this.

“But I always say there are bad people who are poor, and the same with rich people, there are good and bad people. We are all human. You will find all kinds, no matter how much money they have.”

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