I Know What You Did Last Summer cast: Who is in the cast?

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I Know What You Did Last Summer cast: Who is in the cast?

I Know What You Did Last Summer is set to leave viewers on the edge of their seats as the 1973 novel by Lois Duncan is brought to the small screen.

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I Know What You Did Last Summer is set to leave viewers on the edge of their seats as the 1973 novel by Lois Duncan is brought to the small screen. A film adaption was released in 1997 and the Amazon Prime Video series will be part of the same franchise but it will provide a modern take on a group of friends who try to cover up a murder one year previously. There will be nine main characters taking centre stage in the eight-episode television drama and here is everything you need to know about who will be playing them.

Who is in the cast of I Know What You Did Last Summer?

Lennon/Allison – Madison Iseman

Leading the cast is Madison Iseman, who has featured in several high-profile roles since her career launched in 2013.

The actress has featured in a number of horror-themed films, including Ghost Squad, Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween and Annabelle Comes Home.

Some of her television work has included playing characters in Modern Family, Still The King, The Real O’Neals and Those Who Can’t.

She will be playing two characters in the horror series, taking on the roles of twin sisters Lennon, who is popular at school, and Allison, who is quiet and keeps herself to herself.

It will be Allison viewers will have to keep an eye on as her closed book persona makes her even more menacing.

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Dylan – Ezekiel Goodman

American actor Ezekiel Goodman will be featuring in one of his first breakthrough roles as the character of Dylan.

The youngster has previously starred in the mini-series Rat B*****d as Bad Andrew and the horror film, Dragonfly as Sid.

His alter-ego for his latest role will have a strong moral conscience and will always be looking to do the right thing.

According to creator Sara Goodman, the character of Dylan was the hardest to write for.

Margot – Brianne Tju

Actress Brianne Tju will be playing the role of Margot, with her alter-ego seemingly wanting to be the main character of the piece.

The star of the show had to adopt an “obnoxious” attitude to portray the youngster but viewers will have to see if she has what it takes to be a killer.

Viewers might recognise Brianne from her previous roles in Light as a Feather, Life After First Failure and Chicago PD.

Johnny – Sebastian Amoruso

Actor Sebastian Amoruso will be playing the role of quarterback Johnny, who doesn’t always like to be the centre of attention despite his sporting success.

Described as the drummer of the group, the sportsman keeps things together within his circle of friends without drowning too much attention.

This will be Sebastian’s first breakthrough role on television, having starred in only two episodes of the series Solve last year.

Lyla – Fiona Rene

British-born actress Fiona Rene plays police officer Lyla, who is on the hunt for the killer and she becomes intrigued with the group of friends who are clearly hiding a dark secret.

The star of the show was kept out of the loop as to who the murderer was and she has said in interviews this helped her really become her character as the police would have to piece the clues together to find the truth.

Viewers might recognise Fiona from her roles in shows such as NCIS: Hawaii, Grey’s Anatomy and Jane The Virgin.

Courtney – Cassie Beck

American actress Cassie Beck is taking on the role of Courtney for the horror series and not much is known about the character.

However, viewers will recognise Cassie from her previous roles in NBC comedy Connecting and she starred in Mark Wahlberg’s film Joe Bell last year.

Clara – Brooke Bloom

Having been active in the industry since 1999, Brooke Bloom has had a number of high-profile roles over the past 21 years.

Some of these have included playings roles in Law and Order: SVU, CSI: Miami, In Plain Sight and she starred in the film The Surrogate.

Not much is known about the character of Clara but she is someone viewers will have to keep a close eye on.

Bruce – Bill Heck

American actor Bill Heck will be portraying the character of Bruce in the horror series but it is not yet known what connection he has to the other characters.

Viewers will recognise Bill from his roles in Netflix series Locke and Key, Sleepy Hollow and the blockbuster film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

I Know What You Did Last Summer is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video from Friday, October 15.