‘I’m mortified!’ Carol Kirkwood forced to apologise after BBC Breakfast blunder

BBC Breakfast was presented by Dan Walker and Nina Warhurst on Tuesday morning, but this fact seemed to slip the mind of weather reporter Carol Kirkwood. The meteorologist was forced to apologise after she forgot who was hosting the show alongside Dan. She swiftly apologised to Nina after making the blunder live on-air.

As Carol wrapped up her weather report she commented on the arrival of some colder weather.

“So, if you haven’t got your big coat out yet Dan and…” Carol began, before leaving a long pause.

“Oh, Nina! Couldn’t remember who was on – sorry Nina. Then get it out now,” she hastily said.

As Dan and Nina instantly burst out laughing, a red-faced Carol made a swift apology for her blunder.

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“Nina, apologies I’m your biggest fan!” Carol exclaimed, with Nina laughing: “I won’t take it personally.”

Carol replied: “No, I’m your biggest fan. I can’t believe I forgot your name.”

Finding his co-star’s error hilarious, Dan chimed in: “I thought you were my biggest fan?”

“I’m your biggest fan too!” Carol laughed, with Nina joking: “We can’t trust anything you say.”

“Thank you, Carol, you are forgiven,” Nina said, before moving on with the programme.

Later on, when Carol returned for another weather update, Nina reiterated that she’d forgiven her co-star for the mistake.

Nina remarked: “Let’s check in with Carol for a look at the weather this morning.

“Hello. You are forgiven by the way Carol,” she insisted.

“Phew, thank you, Nina. I am mortified and gutted at the same time. Apologies for that,” Carol replied.

Carol’s fans took to Twitter to reassure her after witnessing her mistake on BBC Breakfast.

“Accidents happen. You did a good job and made it funny. That’s what people need early in the morning,” @philriding160 commented.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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