‘Incredibly grateful!’ Sophie Wessex honoured for 15 years of ‘lifesaving work’

The Countess of Wessex has been Grand President of St John Ambulance since 2004 and recently marked 15 years of service with the charity. She has been involved with volunteer work and help during the pandemic.

In honour of her work, St John Ambulance has praised Sophie for her dedication fto “lifesaving work”.

St John Ambulance tweeted: “The Countess has volunteered hours of her time to our lifesaving work over the years, and we are incredibly grateful to have her as one of our #StJohnPeople.”

St John England, the priory associated with the charity, also wrote: “Yesterday our Prior and Chair of @StJohnAmbulance, @lionel_jarvis2, and Chief President called upon The Countess of Wessex, our Grand President, to update her on our lifesaving work, and to present the Countess with a Bar to the Service Medal for 15 years of service to St John.”

Thanking them for the honour, Sophie signed her 2020 portrait which shows her wearing robes of a Dame of the Order of St John.

Queen Victoria set up the Order of St John in 1888 to mark work of those helping with St. John Ambulance and the St. John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem.

Sophie helped with St John Ambulance during the pandemic and completed the training programme to volunteer for the NHS Vaccination Programme.

Earlier this year, Sophie and Prince Edward visited Frimley Park hospital in Berkshire – just 4 miles from their Bagshot estate.

During the visit, the couple paid tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore, who helped raise funds to refurbish the hospital.

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Writing in for Vanity Fair in 2011, Ms Nicholl claimed: “The Countess of Wessex had wanted to be known as Princess Sophie, but the Queen would not allow it.”

The Queen’s reported dismissal of Sophie’s request appears to align with the correct usage of titles within the Royal Family.

Technically, only women born into the Royal Family may be known as Princess’, like Princess Anne or Princess Charlotte.

Sophie could only use the title of Princess in relation to her husband, as Princess Edward of Wessex.

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