'Infuriates me so much! Tony Robinson blasts PM 'known for two years there's shortage'

The comedian raged during an appearance on Good Morning Britain as he slammed how despite numerous warning signs from industry experts and advisors, the government failed to act on what he deemed was an inevitable crisis waiting to happen.

Mr Robinson slammed: “What infuriates me so much is that it shouldn’t have been happening.

“For two years we have known there was going to be a shortage of haulage workers and the Government haven’t done everything about it!

”So now the forecourts are full of cars desperately needing oil and actually we ought to have been training people for the last two years.

“We should have worked out a way whereby haulage people could stay in the country for people who don’t live in this country.”

He also suggested the government could have made the testing process faster to avoid such a crisis. 

He went on to say: “Report after report it told the government it should be doing and it hasn’t!

“To pretend this is all about human folly is just a trick!

“Our government has badly let us down!”

More to follow…

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