Insulate Britain issue chilling warning to Boris: 'We'll unleash hell!'

The activists are to warn Mr Johnson that he has just ten days to bend to their ultimatum, or they will “unleash hell”, according to the Mail on Sunday. The group have hit the headlines for blocking major motorways in and around London during rush hour traffic, much to the anger of delayed motorists and authorities.

They have targeted various hectic junctions on the M1, M4 and M25 motorways.

Irate drivers have been caught on camera ripping Insulate Britain banners from protesters who had used various tactics to block traffic on some of the country’s busiest roads at peak travel times.

An organiser addressed a group of activists on Saturday, according to the Mail on Sunday, which claims to have placed an undercover reporter within the group.

They say that the organiser, David McKenny informed the group: “There’s going to be an action on Wednesday and then there’s going to be a press release that goes out that says the Government and police are traitors, absolute traitors.”

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On Wednesday last week, Insulate Britain protesters had blocked the M25 for the seventh time, stopping the flow of traffic in Kent.

In the group’s most recent press release, they say: “Insulate Britain recognises and understands Grant Shapps’ frustrations over the ongoing traffic disruptions, but he is just missing the point.”

They add: “Right now Grant Shapps, and the Government he is part of, are betraying the British people.

“By refusing to protect the British public from climate chaos, this government is locking in the destruction of our families, our communities and the British state itself.”

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