Invasion on Apple TV: Shamier Anderson details 'pivotal' change to War of the Worlds arc

Invasion was originally intended to be an adaptation of HG Wells’ War of the Worlds. Written by Simon Kinberg and David Weil, the project quickly became its own world-spanning story. Shamier Anderson leads the series as Trevante Cole, an American soldier separated from his family by thousands of miles. Anderson spoke to about what to expect from the Apple TV Plus series.

Invasion is the new, epic science-fiction series to Apple TV Plus, this time bringing a unique spin to the classic War of the Worlds tale.

While the show has far outgrown the source material, the essence of an alien invasion remains, though this time it is told on a global scale.

The show is broken down into separate storylines, all united by the central themes of alienation and isolation.

The invasion itself is told in the background, with the scale of the catastrophe slowly unfolding before the character’s eyes.

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As most of the leads are separated by hundreds, if not thousands of miles, each character goes on their own personal journey to survive.

One such character is Trevante Cole (played by Shamier Anderson), a sergeant stationed out in the Middle East.

Responsible for the lives of his men, Trevante quickly finds himself on the back foot when he is confronted by an enemy the military didn’t prepare him to face.

Speaking to, Anderson went into detail on Trevante’s arc throughout season one.

“He’s trying to get home, trying to figure out what is going on, and to understand the psychology of the character it was important for me to try and experience that adjacent to the filming.”

Anderson also talked about some of the main themes of the series and how they impacted the character of Trevante.

“Isolation, family, denial, love and of course unity”, Anderson continued.

Adding: “I think Trevante has it, probably, the hardest as he’s really going through this journey on his own.

“There is a pivotal moment in the series when he actually realises what is happening and he’s in denial.

“He’s in denial as he does through this journey until he comes face to face and acknowledges it face to what just what he is up against.”

There are five overarching storylines throughout the season, with Trevante’s being just one of them.

Joining Anderson in the series is Sam Neill, Golshifteh Farahani, Firas Nassar, Tom Brittany, and Naoko Mori.

Invasion is available to watch now exclusively on Apple TV Plus.

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