Irate caller demands unjabbed be 'locked up' not locked down 'Lost 18 friends to Covid!'

Jeremy Vine caller Brian has urged unvaccinated people to be “locked up” rather than “locked down” after losing 18 friends during the coronavirus pandemic. Some European countries have been waring new measures could be adopted to limit the freedom of movement of unvaccinated citizens to avoid a surge in Covid cases. A global study revealed that mask-wearing is the single most effective public health measure at tackling Covid, reducing incidence by 53 percent.

Calling on Jeremy Vine’s Channel 5 show, Brian from Buckinghamshire said: “Yes, I believe that all antivaxxers, all people that have been vaccinated should be pretty much locked up rather than locked down.

I believe it’s a bigger crime than this committee by Insulate. 

Personally speaking, I have lost it 18 Friends, close friends, and work colleagues through the COVID pandemic.

Me and my partner spent an hour in Westminster not too long back, writing the names of those that we’d lost on the COVID Memorial Wall.

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And I was actually one of your studio participants just before the lockdown in Christmas 2019.”

Jeremy Vine said: “Were you, Brian? Well, that is obviously affected us here in many ways.

I’m very sorry to hear about your loss, but you actually seriously think you should lock them up? People who aren’t vaccinated?”

The caller said: “This is insane. It really is insane.


And this, this pathogen is going to continue to circulate around the population until radical measures are put in place.

I mean, let’s do what China did.

I don’t wish to live in China’s political regime, a communist country.

“However, we need to adopt radical measures.



Jeremy Vine said: “They would lock somebody down because there was a case in their family. 

And then they would weld their front door shut. 

“Literally, you can’t bring the welders in. 

The caller said: “Well, I’m sorry, but you know it may come to this.

Germany is expected to ban unvaccinated citizens from using public transport, or entering restaurants and cafes.

While in Austria, nearly two million unvaccinated people have been banned from leaving their homes unless they need to go to work or get everyday essentials.

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