'It's all very woke, isn't it!' Robert Jobson picks apart Meghan and Harry's 'weird' pose

Robert Jobson had a dig at Harry and Meghan’s cover photo for Time magazine, after they were listed as one of the top 100 most influential people in the world. The royal commentator burst out laughing when discussing the couple’s inclusion on the list, saying that Time magazine “used to be a very serious magazine”. He said that photoshoots included “one of the weirdest photographs I have seen in a while”.

Harry and Meghan were one of seven covers that Time magazine released for its annual top 100 list.

The photo shows the prince behind and level with his wife, both of them dressed casually in front of a background of trees.

GB News host Nana Akua said: “How has that gone down in the States? I know on this side of the water, we are not that impressed.”

Mr Jobson remarked: “They are certainly more liked in America. There is an army of supporters – particularly for Meghan. But, it hasn’t gone down particularly well over here.”

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He continued: “There was a time when Time was a very serious magazine.

“But when you have Dolly Parton and Britney Spears in the top 100 as well, I’m surprised you and I haven’t made it.

“Basically they wanted to sell the magazine and Meghan and Harry agreed to a very expensive photoshoot, which I must say includes one of the weirdest photographs I’ve seen in a while.

“People are maybe a little cruelly calling Harry her hairdresser, with their pose in the photo.

“He is at the same level as her, and it’s all very woke, isn’t it?”

Last year, the couple stepped down from royal duties, before moving to California.

They have also signed a deal for a podcast with Spotify, as well as numerous other investments and media ventures.

However, the Duke and Duchess could face a growing backlash in the US, according to one royal expert.

The Mail’s Diary Editor Richard Eden told Palace Confidential that the couple “seems to divide opinion in the States just as much as here in the UK”.

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