'It's awful to hear' Rachel Riley calls for 'change' for midwives after recent birth

Rachel Riley, 35, gave birth to her second daughter with husband Pasha Kovalev, 41, on November 5. The Countdown star was told about the strain on midwives by her own midwife and is now calling for “change”.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, Rachel posted a video in view of her 690,900 followers.

In the video, she can be seen holding her newborn Noa whilst talking to the camera.

She said: “This is a message of support for midwives across the country, like the amazing women who helped me deliver my little girl a couple of weeks ago.

“On Sunday at 2 o’clock March for Midwives are gathering at all different locations across the country to raise awareness of the horrendous conditions for them and for mothers and for babies in the NHS right now.”

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Rachel then detailed why she is looking to take part in the march herself, as well as supplying stats on her Twitter to inform her followers.

She is hoping to attend the march in Parliament Square today.

March with Midwives UK was ecstatic with Rachel’s support, replying: “Yes!! Can’t wait to stand with you.

“This campaign is bringing such hope and having brilliant people like you supporting midwives & families makes such a difference.”

The couple met when she took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2013, when they were partnered together.

She was eliminated in week six of the show, admitting at the time that she lacked the natural talent to perform.

Speaking to the Telegraph, she said: “As soon as the music would start, I would have a fuzzy brain and it was like an out of body experience.”

Due to this, she went to see a cognitive behavioural therapist to control her breathing, only enjoying the show on the week she was voted out because of this.

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