'It's not about facts, it's about Brexit' Bitter France using fishing row to score points

Mr Macron, he said, “is fighting for his re-election in April. His possible opponent, right-wing radical Éric Zemmour, never tires of repeating: ‘The British have won the Brexit battle.’

“So Macron must prevent Brexit from becoming a success for Johnson.”

Meanwhile, for Mr Johnson – who campaigned almost solely on the issue of Brexit during the 2019 general election, pledging to “get Brexit done” and whose deal the UK left the EU with – his “political fate is tied to Brexit.

“For him, leaving the EU must be a success.”

Mr Malcher claimed that the fishing industry was “practically insignificant” to either economy – making up 0.02 percent of the UK’s gross domestic product, and 0.04 percent of France’s.

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