James Bond going ‘woke’ a ‘real worry’ blasts Farage: ‘Wasn’t the way Fleming wrote him!’

The final Daniel Craig James Bond movie named No Time To Die hits cinemas on Thursday. Ahead of the new 007 film’s release, Nigel Farage declared he was worried that Bond is “going to go woke” during a debate on GB News with guest Sarah-Louise Robertson. 

Nigel Farage discussed the “endless speculation” over who will play James Bond following Daniel Craig’s run as the iconic spy during his self-titled talk show on Tuesday’s GB News. 

The former UKIP leader ranted: “There’s endless speculation on whether a woman or somebody else should become the next James Bond but that wasn’t the way that [Ian] Fleming wrote the books. 

“Surely, they are going to keep the Bond figure,” Farage passionately continued. “I mean is James Bond going to go woke? This is really my worry.”

Craig has been playing 007 since Casino Royale hit cinemas back in 2006. 

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But Robertson argued: “Well, with anything times have changed since Ian Fleming started writing the novels and they became films. So we do live in different times now. 

“But Barbara Brocolli, the producer, has ruled out that the next Bond will be a woman. 

“She has very much said that Bond will stay as a man. 

“She’s not ruled out bond being a person of colour, but she has ruled out that it would be a woman.”

Robertson added: “You know it could be somebody of colour which I think could be wonderful as we’d be representative of the times as we do live in a more diverse society and more diverse world these days. 

“Obviously people from all walks of life, and in Britain, are doing really high powered jobs. 

“So I think James Bond should be representative to everybody and there’s no reason on earth why it can’t be an actor of colour.

“I very much would welcome that and I would love to see Idris Elba step into those shoes, I think he would be amazing.”

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