Jeremy Vine sparks Ofcom backlash over unvaccinated lockdown row 'Not watching anymore'

The segment sparked an uproar from viewers, and many took to social media at the time to share their thoughts.

In response to Andrew’s comments, Babs raged: “I’d be interested to find out your source for the stat that unvaccinated people are 32,000 times more likely to die from Covid as it’s certainly not one I’ve come across?” (sic)

Hex penned: “I got Covid, no vaccine, I was fine. Tell me again why I need a vaccine when I have natural immunity and why should I be locked down? This is absolute BS.” (sic)

While Diana added: “Ofcom is a great tool, I recommend people start using it!”

“This is not a normal conversation, why are you not condemning this lunacy,” Mark said.

“Unvaccinated DOES NOT MEAN THEY HAVE COVID! You’re talking about locking down millions of healthy people for no reason!”

Lindsey refused to watch the show, as she tweeted: “I am not watching this show anymore. I thought it was unbiased. It Isn’t. It doesn’t present both sides of the argument. I don’t like the way we unvaccinated are being presented as something to be feared. It is too one-sided. We are not all conspiracy people we are just normal!” (sic)

Jeremy Vine airs weekdays at 9.15am on Channel 5.

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