Joan Collins defends calling Raquel Welch’s teeth ‘bit big’: ‘Known her forever!’

With a career spanning the best part of seven decades, Dame Joan Collins has compiled a collection of her fondest memories to form her new book, My Unapologetic Diaries. The Golden Globe-winning actor joins Jonathan Ross and fellow guests Brian Cox, Rob Beckett and Alex Scott on his ITV show on Saturday to discuss all about her venture into writing and, inevitably, its contents soon become the centre of discussion. And it doesn’t take long for Joan to bring up the “b****y” comments made in the book, including one aimed at fellow actor, Raquel Welch.

Kicking off the chat about her book, Joan tells Jonathan: “I’ve been keeping diaries since I was 12 or 13.

“Little tiny diaries, my writing – I had to take a magnifying glass to look at it now.” 

Delving into the history, Joan goes on: “It goes back and forth from 1989 and the whole diaries go through up until about 2006.”

The Dynasty star also jokes she often wrote the book’s contents after a few drinks, telling the ITV panel: “Often it was when I’d come back drunk from a party.

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“I have some quite unapologetic feelings about people,” Joan continued.

“I’ve had some very good reviews on the book and had, ‘Well she’s very b****y about people.’ Well, hello, that’s what people like to read.”

Referring to her remarks about Raquel, Joan defends the fact she brought up the size of the actor’s teeth.

“Like Raquel Welch’s teeth,” Joan says. “I just said they were a bit big. 

“He [the producer] said, ‘I’m sorry we’re all cast.’ Trump said, ‘But, I am Dynasty!’

“And he said, ‘No you’re not. We have all these other people.’ Trump said, ‘Look, I’d be great to play one of Alexis’s (Joan’s) lovers.’ 

“He said, ‘I think those parts – there was a few! – have been cast.’”

Joan goes on to reveal: “A few weeks later, [the producer] spread this story around Hollywood, he [Trump] denied it. 

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