Joe Biden runs from furious reporters as they demand answers for awful US job figures

Joe Biden delivered an underwhelming job figure report to journalists which saw 194,000 jobs added in September – falling far below the predicted 500,000 – and quickly fled the scene when finished. The US head of state, who was also over 90 minutes late to the conference, refused to take questions on the figures as the president continues to avoid journalists. The damaging figures mark two consecutive months of new jobs created falling way below predictions as Mr Biden grapples with getting America back to work after the pandemic.

Only 194,000 jobs were created in September which is way below the predicted 500,000 from economists.

The figures follow August’s results which saw 366,000 jobs added, again falling way below the predicted 720,000 for that month.

Mr Biden presented the figures to a room full of journalists and after telling the audience “may God protect our troops” the President quickly turned tail and left the stage.

Reporters were heard desperately screaming for Mr Biden to answer their questions but to no avail.

The US unemployment rate also dropped more than expected to 4.8 percent in September which is the lowest since February 2020.

February of last year marked the 50-year unemployment low with the rate reported at 3.5 percent.

Mr Biden said in a statement: “The jobs numbers also remind us that we have important work ahead of us and important investments we need to make.

“We risk losing our edge as a nation if we don’t move.”

White House correspondents lodged a formal complaint to press secretary Jen Psaki about the incident and other situations the President has avoided them.

When asked for her interpretation of things, Ms Psaki explained Mr Johnson went off-script with handlers not knowing he would take questions so were forced to intervene.

Mr Biden met with United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and a similar scenario played out with reporters being aggressively escorted out of the room.

Footage showed staff moving journalists on and shouting over them so their concerns about the US migrant crisis could not be addressed by Mr Biden.

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