'Jog on, let's build our own Galileo' Britons claim system won't work without UK expertise

The UK has ruled out the possibility of rejoining the European Union’s (EU) Galileo project and will continue to depend on the US Global Positioning System (GPS) for position, navigation and timing services, A spokeswoman from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said: “The UK no longer participates in Galileo as it did not meet our security, defence and industrial requirements.” The Government has been urged by civil servants and industry insiders to revive talks on rejoining the Galileo satellite project.

In June, Timo Pesonen, the European Commission’s Director-General for Defence Industry and Space said: “The European Union is open to negotiating with the UK on its participation in the EU space programmes.

“The ball is in London, not here.”

Now a space industry technician has claimed that the EU “want us back” working on the project because the talent to create certain design mechanisms is in the UK.

The space technician and Express.co.uk reader claims the UK is “by far the best in the business” in the sector.

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“My colleagues and I who built most of Galileo laughed after the EU had their ‘it’s ours you can’t have it because of security’ tantrum.

“We said good luck getting it working when the brains and the talent are back in the UK.

“No wonder they want us back.

“Jog on.

“Let’s build our own.”

Another reader, called GreyEyes, responded to the above comments and said: “The system was built using core UK technology expertise, without it, it would have never got off the ground.”

The EU’s Galileo system will go live in 2026.

It features a Public Regulated Service (PRS) that can be used by government agencies, armed forces and emergency services.

However, the bloc decided this “crucial feature” would only be accessible for EU members, despite the UK developing its “brains and heart”.

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